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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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police are conducting an investigation. you can see a lot of attention is focused on the white suv. if you look a little bit to the left and up a bit, there's a key piece of evidence that could possibly help them investigate this case. when they got here, they found the suv riddled with bullets. three men inside, three adult men all had been shot. one died, one is in critical condition, the other is expected to survive. at this point, there's no lookout or any type of motive being talked about by police, but, again, daylight allows them to get a better look at the crime scene and document the evidence. perhaps that they'll have more. the tow truck is about to take the vehicle away. we're live. derrick ward, nbc 4 news.
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back to you. >> thanks, derrick. hey, tom. you may notice your pavement, the sidewalk wet. we've had a few scattered sprinkles through the area. most of the areas beginning to dry out. much of the rain passing well south and west of us. that's going to be tracking up into west virginia. close to washington, a few scattered sprinkles around the metro area. these little patches of green, just a few sprinkles. then down 95 west of there, southern prince william county, these are tracking off to the north. so a few of these scattered sprinkle as under hear for maybe another hour or two. temperatures are still rather cool. only the low 60s in the metro area and around the bay. mid to upper 60s. and out of the mountains it's in the low to mid-50s. if you plan a morning run, we'll have temperatures in the 60s through 11:00 and the clouds should break up during the afternoon.
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mild as the temperatures reach the low 70s. look at a wet pattern that's going to be commencing and much of the week ahead, that's going to come up in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. some lanes are now open on northbound connecticut avenue near pliers mill road. police say a driver slammed into a pole around 11:00 last night in the kensington neighborhood. police tweeting out this photo. there's still no word on the was of the crash. we do know that one person was taken to the hospital and that individual has serious injuryie. the pope wraps up a visit. we want to take a live look right now from philadelphia. this is of the benjamin franklin parkway. it was. actually this is inside of the church. there you go, an outside view, another vantage point, where the pope will celebrate a closing mass for the world meeting of families. >> the security preparing for more than a million people.
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eun yang live in philadelphia overlooking where that mass will take place. how has the brotherly love been? >> you know what, adam? your hometown is treating us very well, i have to say. the pope just arrived at the seminary to greet about 150 bishops and seminarians and talk about family. it's really been his focus while he's been in philadelphia for the final leg of his u.s. trip. yesterday he really talked about caring for the young and the old and how important that is. you know how he has a tendency to teach by example. he is expected to visit with the oldest and the youngest. a lot of people traveled from far distances and waited in long lines just to get a glimpse of the pope. i say they're happy to be in the same city with him. today we're seeing more activity, more paem on the streets. we've also seen additional security. concrete barriers, this is a
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place as you mentioned for the public mass later today. it's the same location where he held the festival of families yesterday. that's what you're seeing here yesterday, the pope listening to an impressive performance of a star-studded lineup. of course, the hope was the biggest star and the pope came to see him. he really showed a different side of him. he showed a sense of humor last night. he talked about married couples not going to bed angry. he said easy for him because he's not married himself. >> translator: families will quarrel. and sometimes plates can fly. and children bring headaches. i won't speak about
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mothers-in-law. >> reporter: so a lot of people got a good laugh at that, the pope showing a lighter side of him. it's when he goes off script last night it shows his joyful spirit and people really respond to that. people have been so happy to be here in philadelphia with him. now, he has a full schedule today. he's going to hold that public mass right behind me here on benjamin franklin parkway and about a million people are expected to be there. now, yesterday there was one issue. a man was arrested as he tried to get into that media session for the event. it did not affect it at all. all the other events went fairly smoothly. we're expecting another great day for pope francis. angie, adam? >> looking good. thank you. we appreciate it. >> i hope how the pope was cracking himself up. that was great. good stuff, eun. thanks. moving into other news that we're following closely, a woman
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in prince williams down the is now facing murder charges. police say rashida wright stabbed her boyfriend after an argument. her boyfriend died. she was taken to the hospital with what police describe as self-inflicted wounds. >> sources are telling "news4" there are five finalists for the general manager position. they both have airline and management experience. metro has been without a permanent general manager since last january. the latest now on decision 2016. republican presidential candidate ben carson will be in loudoun county today hchl's heading to a rally at 7:00 p.m. that's being held at parkview high school. carson has been gaining. republican presidential
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candidate senator ted cruz is leading at least one poll this morning. cruz won the skral yous voters sum it straw poll for the third year in a row. he's a favorite among the conservatives. he ooh took 35% of the votes cast. dr. ben carson was second up and mike huckabee third with 14% and donald trump landed fifth place. the ladies 20616 are heading to "meet the press" this morning. chuck todd is going to talk with democrat candidate hillary clinton and gop candidate carly fiorina. that's coming up here on nbc 4. the violence police say one man caused in an hour-long crime spree before the police arrested him. and the community is mourng the death of a high schooler. thankses to social media a woman was caught doing something
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right now the pope is meeting with bishops and cardinals. this event is closed from public access. we do have a developing story. two people are dead and three are hurt after a spree of shootings in southern california. police say they now have a man in custody. the man was arrested yesterday in near san bernardino. police say that man may be connected to killing two motorists. he's also being questioned about an assault. a new jersey family waiting to find out why a high school quarterback died after he was hurt in game friday night. people watching say evan murray was hurt on the field, walked off the field and collapsed shortly after that. he was a starting quarterback for the high school for the last three years. >> police in florida have arrested a woman seen riding a
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turtle on a beach. take a look at the photo that vent viral. they were able to catch up to the woman in the picture. he name is stephanie moore. they found her last night. they say they had an active war rant for the incident. moore was taken to the county jail and is being held on $2,000 bail. i'm scott macfarlane in montgomery county. coming up, the school crunch
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the number of students needing a free meal is growing. there are more than 10,000 students who qualify. >> montgomery county is meeting that growing demand and "news4's" scott macfarlane went inside a school kitchen to see how they're doing it.
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>> reporter: a school lunch line. the workers add potatoes to the tray and they wrap it. they're cooks and cleans but they're not near the school. they're at montgomery air park. they produce over 80,000 meals a day. these will be shipped to dozens of schools tomorrow and will be delivered on monday says the school's school director. >> that's very unique and very efficient. >> reporter: they show a spike in the number of students requiring free school meals in our region. thousands more than last year in 2013. it's an enormous burden for schools that must keep pace. helen herrera says some classmates depend on those meals. >> a lot of the kids that i know, they don't have a lot of the food at their houses. they like to come to school because that's the only way they can eat. >> we found an increasing number of local schools finding a free
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breakfast. here's one in guy thursday burg, high school. anyone can come by and grab one of these. yogurt and a bagel. they say this will increase participation. nearly one in three schools in anne arundel is doing so now. prince george's and loudoun. they're even making students dinners. >> we don't know what they have at home. we want to make sure that we've met the knew tragsal needs of each student. >> more people, more money needed regionwide for those free meals. scott macfarlane, "news4." >> happening today, it is day two of the landmark festival. drake was the head liner at saturday's opening. miguel and roy lay also performed. it's to benefit national mall restoration efforts and strokes are the next musical guests. >> i'll have to go down there.
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the strokes are fantastic. >> i love the diversity. this is the inaugural year for it. i know some people were concerned about it. but it felt nice. >> had a few sprinkles and it dried out. it looks like it will dry out at the musical festival in west potomac park. if you have plans for yard tibtss, looks like it will stay dry. not now. still all cloudy and the storm team 4 radar showing scattered sprinkles. a bugger area of rain in southwest virginia. that should stay west of the metro area for the rest of the day. we've got some dry air that's north and east of us and that one area of rain that came through and made the pavement wet about an hour ago. 's northeast of annapolis up near baltimore and that looks like that's going to continue to track off to the north. so it should stay west of philadelphia for the mass there this afternoon for the enormous crowd that should be gathering.
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it should stay dry. it will stay close. for us, we'll get some of that dry air moving in. it's fresh and cool. low to mid-60s around the bay and the metro area. farther west, mid-50s. cooler morning. shenandoah valley, a bit of a chill there. a lot of clouds. skyfast 4, though, showing breaks in the clouds may move in by noontime. may have blue showing through. then by the rest of the afternoon, be i 5:00, partly cloudy. then this evening our sunset, we'll begin to see at the clouds building back in again by 8:00 or so. so far the super moon lunar eclipse this evening, it looks like it's going to be mostly cloudy. we may get a few breaks in the clouds. it begins to move into the earth's shadow. the peak of the eclipse at 10:47. if there are breaks in clouds
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the moon may turn the blood red color and hopefully we'll see that. the clouds are going to be coming and going all around the evening for the lunar eclipse. from the tower camera looking off to the west and later this afternoon over the sun breaking out we ought to make it into the low 70s by late afternoon. so good weather after all for the landmark festival and concerts today. it should be up near 70 at west potomac park and then after midnight it should be all cloudy again. then maybe a few breaks in the clouds on monday. afternoon highs a bit warmer. might get an afternoon shower on monday. then tuesday or wednesday, needed rain. now, we're over 4 inches dryer than average since august 1st. so we do need the rain. we may get a good chance of it on tuesday, wednesday, with highs in the low to mid-70s. then cooler weather moves in. high 60s. a small chance on thursday of a shower. a greater chance toward the end
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of the week of showers on friday and saturday. highs in the 60s each of those days. so keep an umbrella handy for the week ahead. >> thank you, tom. coming up, new school buss in arlington are about to hit the road, and we're getting a sneak peak. >> i'm nbc's mark murray. >> and i'm kerry dan. >> washington was hit when news suddenly spoke that john boehner decided to throw in the towel. >> they threatened to oust boehner if he let a plan go through without defunding planned parenthood. >> it's far from the first time boehner has warred with his own party. he had long been under pressure well them telling him he's not fought hard enough. >> 72% of gop primary voters were dissatisfied with baner and senate leader mitch mcconnell
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and they wanted both kicked off the job. >> now all eyes will be on >> now all eyes will be on boehner between now
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we have been hearing a lot about the pontiff's fiat and pope vehicle. over the next few weeks some vehicles that might catch your attention. david culver shows us school buses with special needs for kids in arlington. >> reporter: it may remind you of a london taxi cab, but this -- read closely -- is called the arlington county public school bus. >> families feel much safer knowing the vehicle is going to come right to their front door to pick up their child versus
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having to go to a bus stop, so they're very excited about it. >> reporter: david mccray showed us how it works with the ramp that emerges from the floor. >> everybody wants to see where they're going, what they're doing. we'll lose some of that if there's a ramp here. >> reporter: ideal for students like jonah gillman. the staff helping him guise his wheelchair up the ramp and into position, securing it to the floor. notice jonah gets a front seat. >> are you used to sitting up front? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> could you get used to it? >> yeah. >> it's more normal to get into a van like their parents own than getting onto a yellow school bus. >> reporter: the advantage of these is with their size. you can see it's a lot smaller, a lot easier to maneuver around parts of the county. compare that with the larger much bulkier school bus which uses a large lift ramp that
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can't pick up everywhere. they have to rely on the red signs to halt traffic. these allowing for curbside service with some styling and comfort. in arlington, dave culver, "news4." new this morning a concert gets way out of control. what excited fans did that sends some to the hospital. and new details about a deadly hit-and-run that rocked a local community. the reason police say the suspect went on the attack. . big game sunday wfrm know e the redskins fell short thursday night on the giants. let's focus on the other teams in action today. the cowboys and eagles and the sunday night game here on nbc 4, the lions taking on the broncos. dallas hosting atlanta. life without tony romo. a great time to rely on mr. reliable. that's tight end mr. witten.
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i'm not so sure i have much faith in brandon weeden, but a lot of faith in witten. a tough test for the eagles facing the jets' defense. they've started the season on fire. the guy with the powe tell chal, darryn. to the sunday night matchup on nbc. peyton manning and the broncos taking a trup to motown. two guys to keep an eye on. denv denver's emmanuel sanders. sanders and manning continuing build on that great relationship of theirs and the wideout's second year with the team. >> rookie running back amir abdullah should be heavily relied on. he was impressive in his debut with a touchdown and 50 yards on the ground.
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at 9:32 on this sunday morning. a look at our top stories. d.c. police investigating a homicide. one man is dead after a triple shooting on el advance street. three victims shot inside a car. police offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction to those responsible. just in to the newsroom some lanes of north connecticut avenue near plier mills road reopened. one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> and today is the last day of pope francis's tour to the u.s. he's visiting philadelphia's biggest jail right now. happening now. we're taking live photos. pope francis is meeting with bishops and cardinals at st. charles seminary.
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it's exclusive. >> what a busy schedule he has had. >> i know. >> you know, he's going to be happy to get back to the vatican. >> everyone is talking about the kitchener he has had yesterday as well as this morning, so he's going strong. >> yeah. great visit from him. let's get a check of your forecast on the sunday morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein live on the weather deck. what's it like out there? >> reporter: rather include. i'm seeing blue, patches of blue. adding 64 degrees. live view from the tower camera. still quite a bit of cloudiness. storm team 4 radar. we're all drying out here. we did get a few sprinkles come through about a couple of hours ago. now they're pushing off. they should stay away from philadelphia as well for the
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mass this afternoon there. temperatures right now, farther west and north in the upper 50s to mid-50s, shenandoah valley. east and south of the metro area, we're in the mid to upper 50s. great for the landmark festival. temperatures right around 70 degrees. look at our weather pattern, though, beginning to move in for the week ahead. that will be coming up this half hour. >> all righting tom. thanks so much. as you mentioned right now pope francis has just started one of the last events of his u.s. tour. we want to take a live look from philadelphia where he is meeting with bishops and cardinals. this is happening at the st. charles seminary. and then this afternoon more than a million people are expected to join him for mass. >> that's right. eun yang is live and filly. eun, pope francis is in for another busy day. what are you hoping to see
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there. >> we just learned he's met with them. many catholic churches complaining the church has not done enough to protect victims or punish the perpetrator. as the pope was addressing the bishops and seminarians, he addressed that issue. he said sex abuse and children should not be tolerate and youth should be protected. this is the first stop in a busy day as you mentioned. after he leaves there, he'll g to a prison to visit with young inmates and then celebrate mass here at the benjamin franklin parkway. it's a public mass. there's security. the security has been tight ever since the pope arrived but we're seeing longer lines at the security checkpoints. each person has to be screened and they're going through each and every bag. so this could take more than an hour at some of these points depending on which entrance you
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go to. but a lots of people that come from far and wide, they're willing to late it's been very, very secure. we haven't experienced anything like this. it's good. it's been a good experience. people were talking to each other. even though we had long waits, it was very cordial. >> reporter: you can expect a security scene like that for the rest of the day. there's such a huge convergence of agencies. we've seen border patrol, local agencies, the fbi. secret service, the lead agency protecting philadelphia for the pope's visit. we've seen a lot of agencies from washington, d.c. it's been nice to see familiar faces. it will be interesting to see what we see after he addresses them. he will hold that public mass
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today and everyone is predicting a promise message of hope and love. back to you. >> eun yang for us in philadelphia this morning. thank you. we'll check back in with you in about 20 minutes. >> new this morning more than a dozen people are recovering after a stage collapsed at a concert. this is in arizona. take a look. police say the crowd may have pushed the stage to cause it to collapse gee we have more about a deadly hit-and-run. check this. this is ryan salandy. according to police salandy drove to his germantown home where a family member called police. investigators believe this all started with an argument about
9:38 am
work. >> mr. salandy may have had music or produced music and mr. mcdamage may have been formatting it for him. investigators believe there may have been some dispute over that exchange or the transaction. >> salandy is being held without bond. he'll be in kortz tomorrow. investigators are now saying the front axle in the duck boat involved in the deadly boat accident was shirred off. they're unsure if there was damage to it. they say they saw the duck boat's axle locked up. new details in the freddie gray death. what an officer says he asked for. and chris brown, the incident from his past the country is pointing to. >> we actually get chills not
9:39 am
even being there. i don't know if what we would do if we were there. he's a very, very special person and a holy, holy soul. >> get ready. break out the pope corn and get comfy. meet the
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"wednesday's child." >> "news4's" barbara harrison brings us up to speed. >> hi. how are you. oh, my goodness. you've gotten so tall. wow. good to see you again. my goodness, you're so big. >> mikael was 10 jeers old when we last saw him. that was two years ago when we went to the studio to hone his dance skills. we learned he's not only a
9:43 am
talented dancer but he was doing well in school, but he likes science and reading, wanted to play football some day, and most of all, he wanted to be adopted. he told us back then -- >> i would like to have a person that loves me, takes me places, cares about me. i'd like a mother and a brother and dad. >> e h didn't get a brother but he got a dog and the son of two moms. he met them at an adoption party where there were lots of other kids waiting to be adopted. >> there were a whole bunch of parents that wanted to adopt a kid there. >> he's bold and play video games. >> and his new parents say he knew he was meant to be their child. >> this was what was supposed to happen. he was supposed to be with us, you know, from that moment
9:44 am
forward. >> if you look at him, he looks like he really is mine, like we resemble each other. >> an expended family on both mom's sides have welcome ed mcke as their own. >> it feels natural. it doesn't -- nothing's out of order. it know it's just right. >> barbara harrison reporting. if you have home in your heart, call our special adoption hotline on our screen
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welcome back. they're about to become the first in the nation to test for
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synthetic drugs. >> tish ya thompson shows you how people were cheating the system and why that's about to change. >> reporter: in this lap every cup contains a hidden story about someone who went toall or got out on probation or parole in washington, d.c. >> everyone who comes through lockup in superior court and district court, we ask if they want to give a urine inspection. >> reporter: he says this is the first time he's ever allowed a television camera inside his lab because he's made major decision that he hopes will dramatically change the drug culture in the city. for decades pretrial services has used machines like this to screen for marijuana, cocaine, pcp, amphetamine and opioids like heroin. forensic chemists process about
9:49 am
143,000 tests a month. >> the prescreen willing say, for example, that you're on opioids. this confirmation will say that the opioid you're on is codeine. >> reporter: until now she's relied on these gc ee mess machines to tell how long the drug was in your system, one machine for each type of drug. >> this is a moment of truth, this isis aye or nay. >> reporter: they allowed them to analyze their leftover samples to see what they might be missing. >> among young men in the district, as much as 50% of the people who pass the limited drug test tests test positive for synthetic knabb noids. it's just so amazing. >> the people are aware they're going to be part of a drug testing program, they're smart.
9:50 am
they know what drugs are being tested for. they know marijuana is being tested but not synthetic knabb nods. they know and they switch when they're going to be tested. >> reporter: it revealed 20% were on synthetic drugs when they were taken into custody. but these new tests are expensive. kenan says the cost is $1.60 for the traditional drug bus $25 for synthetic drugs which is why he bought this new emles machine. >> it's very expensive. >> it can test any keep of drug for about $3.50 per sample. >> people using bazarro or scooby snacks or k-2 who may have thought we couldn't detect
9:51 am
those drug, wi oar going to be in a position to identify those and we're g toning be reporting back to the court or the supervising officer that, in fact, the person was using this drug. >> he says this makes them the first agency of this kind in their nation to test for these kinds of drug asnd hopes if the word spreads these samples will tell a new story. ty shtisha thompson, "news4" i-teem. >> she's put it on. click on investigation 51 to learn more. let's turn our attention to the weather because it's been gray and cloudy. >> could i tell you? it's avril lavigne's birthday. without missing a beat -- >> tom kierein's got it. >> "complicated." why does the weather have to be
9:52 am
come contemplated. simplify. a little blue peeking out. i jut puft that out. a little shaft of sunlight there pouring down on the still all green trees here. it doesn't look like autumn yet but some leaves have begun to come down. they gave it up. turned brown and gave it up. we haven't had much rain. well north of the metro area. we're staying dry right here right now. few of these showers northeast of annapolis, looks like they'll pass west of annapolis. around the bay now with the sun breaking out there, too, it's already around 70. but we're in the low 60s and rather cool to even chilly shenandoah valley. eats only in the 50s. 50s in the mountains as well. if you're planning on a morning run or exercise, it's going to
9:53 am
be quite nice am little bit of a breeze though gusting around 20 miles an hour. that will settle down. the sky cast 4 showing some breaks in the clouds continuing in the afternoon and seeing more blue by late afternoon. welcome sunshine coming through. so good weather for the landmark music festival then. fingers crossed for tonight soo see the lunar eclipse, the blood moon may be showing through as the moon passes through the earth's shadow. it begins do that at 8:11, it peaks by 10:47 and ends by 1:00. we may get a break in the clouds to allow that to happen and the hour-by-hour forecast with the heise reaching the low 70s. very pleasant for outdoor yardwork and back to school tomorrow. a little warmer, upper 70s. a little sun in and out and needed showers each day maybe.
9:54 am
a chance of that tuesday all the way into saturday. we're back ri
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welcome back. this morning one of the officers charged in freddie gray's death says he asked for help. he said he was not sure if he was really hurt or trying to avoid jail. he was in possession of a switch blade. he suffered a spinal injury while being transported in custody. he died one week later a hospital. it led to major protests. r & b singer chris brown will not be heading down under any time soon. he's been suspended because of his history of domestic abuse. they refused to give him a visa. he has 28 days to make an appeal. previously he was denied entry
9:58 am
into australia, uk, and canada. some are having watch parties for those who can't make it in person. a group of nuns in reading, pennsylvania, have been breaking out the pope corn, papal punch. they're working on,000 make the pope's leg see real in their daily lives after the pope leaves. >> happening now, the pope just wrapped up his speech at the st. charles seminary.
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